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Fall Back This Sunday

Here's a friendly reminder to turn your clocks back this Saturday night before going to bed. We'd also like to share the following tips to help make the time change a little easier.

1. Adjust the lighting in your house. Open your window coverings as soon as you awaken. In the evening, dim your lights to help you calm down before going to sleep.

2. Dimmer switches can be installed on lights so you can have adequate light to do your day end activities, while reducing exposure to bright light. This helps you to calm down.

3. You want to respect and care for the part of you that is anxious. A good way to do this is to begin slowing down and relaxing in preparation of going to bed approximately one hour before the new sleep time. That is the time you went to sleep before changing clock time.

4. Taking a hot bath is an excellent way to slow down before bed. In addition to providing relaxation, a bath raises your body temperature. Then when you get out of the bath your body temperature lowers, which is what happens when you sleep, so lowering your body temperature helps you ease into sleep.

5. Did you know that caffeine and alcohol both interfere with your sleep cycle? So for a day or two before the time changes, limit your intake of those substances and that will help your sleep cycle shift more easily and naturally.

6. And if you need to nap, do it mid-afternoon at the latest and for a maximum of 30 minutes. Napping in the late afternoon or for longer periods can interfere with your body’s natural wake-sleep rhythms.

7. If you have children, use tips #2-5 with them and that will help them more easily adjust to the time change.

Safety Tip: It's time to replace the battery in your smoke detectors!

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that you replace the old battery in your smoke detectors the same day you change your clocks from daylight saving time to standard time in the fall then again when we change from standard time to daylight savings time in the spring. So plan ahead and have those batteries on hand before you forget!


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