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New Year's Resolutions for Your Wallet

It’s still early enough in the New Year to make a few positive changes to your financial situation. These simple ideas will help you grow your wallet and shrink your debt. Fear not, you’ll not have to set foot inside the bank or part with any of your hard-earned dough to get these money saving ideas started.

Accept the Challenge

First of all, you have to prepare yourself for this new adventure. Trying to save money can feel like a real drag unless you make it fun. Set some goals, both long- and short-term, and watch as you check them right off your list. Don’t forget to add in rewards, because those goals will be a lot easier to work toward with the promise of a sweet reward in the end. If you make a game of it you might find you enjoy winning against your debt.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Many of us hold on to far too many things. Things that have little or no value to us anymore. Well, all of those things may have value for someone else. Spend a weekend exploring the darkest recesses of your home (attic, garage, shed) and say goodbye to clutter and hello to cash. Seriously, are you ever going to use those cross-country skis again? And that crib is of no use to your teenager, so get rid of it.

Make It a Package Deal

Sit down and have a conversation with all of your providers. For example, are you paying for phone, cable and Internet separately? Many companies now offer package deals that will cut costs. Are you paying for snow removal and landscaping services? Do some research and see if there is a company that provides both for a discounted price.

Switch It Up

If your current service provider can’t cut you a better deal, then use their competitors against them. These companies are tasked with providing you with the best service at the best price. If you need to point that out to them to lower your payment, you go right ahead. Companies would often rather lower your price than lose you altogether.

Pay Yourself First

You’ve heard it before, surely. Pay yourself first to ensure you have a little something for a rainy day. Many employers offer an employee deduction program where a small portion of your paycheck is deducted before it reaches your bank account. The employer can then save this money for you and deliver it only when requested. Sometimes it can be much easier to save when you don’t see that money in your account at all.

Take advantage of a few of these suggestions and you’ll see your bank account bouncing back into the black in no time.