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Before, During and After the Storm

Recent hurricanes Florence, Michael, Harvey, Irma, and Maria caused more than $200 billion in damage. Are you prepared this hurricane season? Here are some helpful reminders for things to do before, during and after a hurricane.


Check to be certain that your emergency equipment is in good working order. Plan your evacuation and discuss/know where you will seek shelter if you evacuate. Store water, food and essential medicines. Have enough supplies for at least two (2) weeks. Obtain and store materials to protect your home. Review your insurance policy to ensure it provides adequate coverage. Do you have elderly friends or relatives who will stay with you during a storm? Keep a list of their prescribed medications, and be sure to include them in food and water storage plans. Have a flashlight with batteries handy. Have a battery-operated radio available. Have a First Aid Kit handy. Pick fruits and trim trees if near house. Store water, food and essential medicines. Listen to the weather reports on radio and television.


Remain calm and provide assurance to children and elderly. In cases where your house is damaged and the main switch is still on, it is always wise to switch it off. Ideally you should do so before a hurricane. Where there are heavy lightning flashes, avoid getting into contact with metal objects. Stay out of the shower or bath during ALL storms. Avoid going outdoors until the all “clear” is given.


Assist in search and rescue. Seek medical attention for persons injured. Clean up debris and effect temporary repairs. Report damage to utilities. Assist in road clearance. Watch out for secondary hazards, fire, flooding, etc. Assist in community response efforts. Avoid sightseeing. Co-operate with Damage Assessors.

Avoid getting into contact with lines lying on the ground.


Battery operated radio Flashlights Extra Batteries Canned or packaged foods, milk and beverages (two weeks non-perishable food supply) Can opener (non-electric) Matches Eating Utensils (Disposable Cups, Plates, Fork etc.) Baby food, diapers and formula Extra prescription medicine Bottled Water (7 Gallons per person) Portable cooler Blankets or Sleeping bags First Aid Kit Cash Toiletries (Toilet paper, soap, disinfectant, sanitary napkins etc.) Identification (Passport, Voters ID, etc.) Bleach (without lemon or additives)


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