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Florida Winter Home To-Do List

Florida winter is here, and we are being gifted with cooler enjoyable weather. This is the perfect time to get outside and inspect your home for any maintenance or repair(s) needed. Some suggested ideas are: 

Clean the Pool
If you do your own pool maintenance, it’s a good idea to keep your pool clean and healthy during the offseason. By regularly vacuuming, emptying filters, and removing any surface debris your pool can remain sparkling and swimmable all year long.

Clear Out the Gutters
Prevent possible water damage by making sure your gutters are clean and working properly. Take time and clear out any debris from the gutters and roof of your home so they can be fully functioning.

Check the Roof and Attic
Another safety concern for water damage can be damaged shingles or loosened flashing, inspect these areas, so you can detect any problems before they become a leak.