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by Kim Brubaker on Aug 31, 2018

As families prepare for the start of a new school year, the distractions of obtaining and purchasing school supplies can often result in security breaches, leaving our personal information exposed to predators seeking to do harm to our credit and identity.  With identity theft cases on the rise in our Nation, it is important we take precautions such as those listed below, to keep our hard-earned dollars and credit protected.   


Mail & Personal Documents  

One of the most common ways to steal someone's identity and personal information is to gain access to their bank account statement, credit card bills, receipts, and social security number. The most important thing anyone can do to protect their identity is to shred all mail and personal documents once reviewed. Also, never keep your social security number in your wallet. Memorize your social security number, and keep the original card at home in a secure location to protect your identity in the event your wallet is lost or stolen.


Monitor Your Credit   

Make it a point to review your credit at least once a year to search for any accounts which may have been opened without your knowledge. When reviewing any bank and credit card accounts online, make certain you log out of your accounts each and every time successfully to avoid someone accessing your accounts. Also, keep in mind each time you hand over your card to a store clerk or waiter/waitress, you increase your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.    

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