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Pet Arthritis Awareness

from Quorum Insurance

Sep 21, 2018

From frostbitten paws to iced-over water bowls, there are lots of pet hazards related to lower temps. But did you know that one of most painful conditions for dogs and cats can be aggravated by cold weather?

Not just a human ailment

While arthritis affects pets year-round, the fall and winter months tend to be particularly uncomfortable, as cold, wet weather can trigger flare-ups in pets-just like it can in people.

What to look for

Pet arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints and usually progresses with age. Schedule an appointment with your vet if you notice your dog or cat avoiding certain physical activities, limping or having difficulty moving around.

Common treatments

Medications, acupuncture, laser therapy and even joint replacement surgery are used to ease pets' discomfort. The average cost to treat arthritis is $308,1 but Nationwide® pet insurance covers these veterinary costs and more. Get a no-obligation Pet Insurance quote today at: Pet Insurance quote.  

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